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July 16, 2017

My New Love For Cactus | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

More than I’d like to admit, but when I was a little girl, I was one of the most gullible kids around. Anything my brother told me, I believed him. Anything that my aunt told me, I believed her. One instance when my brother told me that spiders lived inside cactus he also said that my mom’s cactus plant was one of the homes for these spiders. He told me one night it’ll burst and the spiders will come out and bite me. And since then, I disliked cactus. I had no interest whatsoever to buy any and have them in my home.

alt="My New Love for Cactus Noi Tran Photography"

When I was in Marfa Texas back in April all I wanted to do was photograph every cactus that I wondered upon. And I think that’s how I become obsessed with these prickly little creatures. Yes, the little ones. I’m starting small. I’ve gone out and purchased some baby cactus and they are in every room on our first floor!

alt="My New Love for Cactus Noi Tran Photography" alt="My New Love for Cactus Noi Tran Photography" alt="My New Love for Cactus Noi Tran Photography"

I’m quite sure I can take care of these unlike succulents. Apparently I’m not the greatest with succulents with my ever forgetful water your plants self. I’ll go 2-3 weeks without ever thinking of my plants until they start to wither. Even with my garden outside I’ve been trying so hard not to neglect them and I’ve been doing good. But I really can’t stand going out to water the plants! I’ve heard you should sing and talk to your plants and here I am, outside watering my plants mumbling “why do I have to do this, why did I plant these dumb little things and now I’m out watering it. It’s so hot, eew these bugs are biting me…” And so on. Yep. I just hate it.

alt="My New Love for Cactus Noi Tran Photography"

For the most part, Vu will help me water the plants in the backyard but I’m so over trying to create the garden of my dreams. Because I refuse to keep up with the maintenance of having to water the plants. But I still want plants! So that’s how and why I have these cute little cactus in my house. I also now know that there are no spiders living inside them. At least, I hope not. Fingers crossed.