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February 17, 2017

New Logo and New Website for Noi Tran Photography Rebrand Atlanta Wedding Photography

March seems like an odd month to do a rebrand and launch of a new website but ya know what? Considering most artists have what you call a free spirit…I’d like to say it’s totally ok. The thought of a having a new logo led to redesigning a new website and then eventually, a rebrand. What does the rebrand mean?

A couple years ago I was contemplating rebranding but at that time I didn’t really know what I wanted. I  knew that I was incorporating film more into my workflow and knew that the kind of clients I wanted to book would have a better understanding and appreciation for the fine art approach. But I still didn’t really know what I represented. I love the romantic soft feel in images I create especially on wedding days and I still loved the dark moody vibe of my personal projects. I would ask myself, why can’t I do both? A couple years ago when I left the Erich McVey workshop I also thought, Oh man this would be the perfect time to rebrand myself but I let that die out quickly.

So what does this rebrand mean again for myself and for my future clients?

It means I’m going to shoot what I love and what I believe in. I consider myself 80-85% film shooter and well…about 20% of a digital shooter. I don’t know if you consider that a hybrid shooter but my love stands in shooting film and if shooting it at 100% means happiness and a fulfilled life…then that’s what I’m going to do!!! A rebrand sometimes can mean a new start. I’m celebrating how things have turned around for the better here at home and the new relationship I have with my son. I’m also celebrating myself. Why not? I mean, I no longer have to homeschool, I have more dedicated time to do personal projects and challenge myself and most importantly, I’m just celebrating being myself.

This rebrand also means a new custom calligraphy logo that Rachel Anne Design is working on–eekkkkk! I’m just so excited y’all. I envision fresh, minimal, organic and simple.

alt="New Logo and New Website for Noi Tran Photography Rebrand Atlanta Wedding Photography"

There are several giveaways as part of the new launch! You guys don’t want to miss this opportunity! To participate in the giveaways be sure you’re following along on Instagram as I’ll announce it there. I’ll be posting real soon what the giveaways are and how you can enter.