The mentorship program is designed as an intimate setting that provides individualized learning.

A glance at the program:
Starting Your Business
Branding & Client Communication
Finance and Profit Margin
Posing and Composition w/Bridal Portraits
Shooting film 

Who is the program for:

The program is for those who have yet to start a photography business and would like to learn how to. This program is also great for established photographers looking to revamp their portfolio, to hone in on their craft and to learn how to better direct and pose their clients.





Kind Words

Noi is everything you want when you desire a mentor - someone who’s encouraging when you’re first learning but who also knows when to push you to reach for more. She’s incredibly gifted in how she sees the world. Her eye for detail is impeccable, and she’s taught me to spend more time seeing and arranging what’s inside the frame instead of simply blindly clicking the shutter. She’s also taught me a great deal about film - from how to shoot film indoors to which film stocks to use in varying situations - both on the wedding day and in portrait sessions. Noi is a great teacher & I would encourage anyone thinking of studying with her to jump at the chance! She will not only help you to see the world in a more beautiful way, but she will help you grow into a more confident and knowledgable photographer. - Carrie Joy Osborne


Kind Words

I am SO blessed by your generosity and willingness to show me the inner parts of your business growth as well as take a peek into my own business starting up. I feel like I have gained a more solid foundation to grow from. Hands down my favorite lesson was the business talk. No one wants to talk about it, or maybe it's too overwhelming for most to crack in one sitting, but you gave me practical, step-by-step instructions that I could realistically carry out. You not only shared how you organize business & personal expenses, but gave me a way to sit down and figure them out for myself. You made it real. I think through that experience I finally embraced that I am not just a photographer, I am a small business owner. And I have a responsibility and opportunity to steward that well. I went to school for Photography but never gained any insight on the business side of things, which is so essential to making my gifts and talents sustainable. You helped me to believe I have what it takes to make photography a success and see the path before me. - Chelsey Dellinger


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