A Birthday Weekend in Charleston South Carolina

Vu and I were able to squeeze in a short weekend trip to Charleston South Carolina for my birthday. We do our best to visit this charming city once a year but last year it kind of snuck past us.

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While we do what we can to fit in our road trips and southeast travels, sometimes work really does get in the way. Which is why I don’t want to keep this kind of cycle running. So for my birthday I told Vu I wanted to go to Charleston.

We visited the Magnolia Plantation Gardens and it was lovely. It was romantic and it did take me back into time. That’s what of the reasons why I love Charleston so much. I always feel like I time traveled and I’m a big history geek.

You should know that one of my favorite ice cream is the pistachio gelato ice cream from Belgian Gelato. I’ve told everyone close to me to check it out whenever they visit so that way they can enjoy the savor sweets the way that I do. I mean, it’s seriously MY FAVORITE. I didn’t get ice cream before breakfast even though I have a habit of doing that. While we were in the main attraction area we did have brunch at Hominy Grill and y’all–lets just say this place was EVERYTHING. Their cocktails were lit and their brunch was delicious! Another place I would tell others to visit when visiting. So guys, when you’re at the charming city, do yourself a favor and go make your stomach happy at these two places!